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A New Level Awaits You with Lois Flewelling

Nov 23, 2021

Are you finding it difficult to be thankful right now when everything around you appears negative and close to despair?  Are you wondering how to retrieve it and not stay parked in the negativity cycle?  Today’s podcast provides answers to get out of the parked car of negativity into a brand new vehicle that God has...

Nov 16, 2021

In a vision, God showed how many in the body of Christ has kept him in a box. These boxes were neatly arranged and lined orderly against a wall. Then God came with a tornado, an earthquake, and the winds of change toppling every box so that their lids did not fit any longer. Get ready for God’s power to...

Nov 9, 2021

It is time to become forever ruined for the ordinary! Is the Lord challenging you to believe for bigger things? Will you be obedient when God asks you to step out in greater faith? Discover what is required of us to receive the anointing for miracles. Take steps to grow your faith in the Lord.
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Nov 2, 2021

Are you concerned about what is happening in the world today? Are you unsure how to manage? Learn lessons from Daniel who strategically walked through his captivity with favor, position, and authority. Don’t allow what is holding you captive to slow you down in your commitment to the Lord. Want to grow more?

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Oct 26, 2021

How does your response to the narrow place of transition keep you confined?  There is always a new beginning but it is one of refreshment and restoration or getting stuck.  Moving forward is not automatic and demands an action from us.  Make it one that takes you out of that narrow place into your expansion.  Going...